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Anisadenia Wall. ex Meissn.


Description from Flora of China

Herbs, perennial. Stipules subulate, asymmetric, veins adaxially slightly elevated. Leaves alternate, simple; leaf blade leathery or papery, margin entire or serrate. Inflorescences terminal, spikelike racemes; bracts 2, subulate. Flowers bisexual, regular. Sepals 5; outer 3 sepals with spreading gland-tipped bristles; inner 2 sepals glandular. Petals 5, convolute, fugacious, clawed. Stamens 5, hypogynous; filaments basally connate; staminodes 5, alternating with stamens; glands usually 3 with 1 larger, adnate to staminal tube. Ovary 3-locular, with 2 ovules per locule; styles 3. Capsule 1-seeded, surrounded by persistent sepals. Seed oblong; embryo green; cotyledons plano-convex.

Two species: Bhutan, China, NE India, N Myanmar, Nepal, N Thailand; two species in China.


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