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Choerospondias Burtt et Hill


Description from Flora of China

Deciduous trees, polygamous or dioecious. Leaves imparipinnately compound; leaflets opposite, petiolulate. Flowers 5-merous, unisexual; male flowers arranged in axillary or subterminal pleiothyrsoids; female flowers solitary. Stamens 10; anthers oblong, dorsifixed. Disk 10-lobed. Ovary 5-locular, with 1 apical pendulous ovule per locule; styles 5; stigma capitate. Drupe ellipsoidal to obovate; mesocarp fleshy; endocarp bony with 5 germination holes at apex. Seed without endosperm; cotyledons thick.

One species: Cambodia, China, India, Japan, Laos, Thailand, Vietnam.


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