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Craniotome Reichenb.


Description from Flora of China

Herbs erect, perennial, branched, densely spreading hirsute throughout. Leaves long petiolate, margin dentate. Cymes pedunculate, many flowered, helicoid or sometimes dichotomous, in axillary or terminal panicles; upper floral leaves bractlike; bracteoles linear, ciliate. Flowers pedicellate; pedicel 1-bracteolate. Calyx ovoid, ± urceolate-globose in fruit, slightly constricted at throat, villous beyond throat inside, 10-veined; teeth 5, subequal, uppermost tooth larger. Corolla exserted, 2-lipped; tube straight, cylindric, throat slightly dilated; upper lip straight, margin entire, concave; lower lip longer, spreading, 3-lobed, lobes ovate; middle lobe largest. Stamens 4, reaching underside of upper lip of corolla, anterior 2 longer; anther cells 2, divaricate. Style apex slightly dilated, subequally 2-cleft. Nutlets triquetrous, subglobose, shiny.

Monotypic: Bhutan, China, India, Laos, Myanmar, Nepal, Vietnam.


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