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Diplaziopsis C. Christensen


Description from Flora of China

Plants terrestrial, medium-sized. Rhizome robust and ascending or erect, with sparse scales; scales dark brown, broadly lanceolate, entire, thick; fronds caespitose. Stipe herbaceous, upward glabrous, deeply grooved on adaxial side; lamina imparipinnate, elliptic; lateral pinnae 1-10 pairs, alternate, subsessile, lanceolate, base symmetrical, rounded-truncate, margin entire or slightly repand, apex acuminate or caudate; costae robust, shallowly grooved adaxially; veins anastomosing with 2-4 rows of polygonal areoles without included veinlets, marginal areoles smaller, vein endings free, submarginal, or connected by submarginal veinlets. Sori linear along veinlets, often single, rarely double from base to near margin; indusia inframedial or subcostal, gray, then black-brown when mature, sausage-shaped, thick, membranous when young, open acroscopically or often irregularly ruptured on back side. Spores semicircular, perispore hyaline, with multilayered, broadly rugate, marginally rugate, aculeate projections. x = 41.

Three species: tropical, subtropical, and temperate Asia; three species in China.

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