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Diuranthera Hemsl.


Description from Flora of China

Herbs perennial, rhizomatous. Rhizome vertical, very short. Roots numerous, thickened, fleshy. Leaves several, all basal, tufted or arranged in a lax rosette, narrowly linear to linear-oblanceolate. Scape simple or few branched, longer than leaves, proximally with a few sterile bracts, terminating in a lax raceme. Bracts ovate to linear-lanceolate, usually shorter than flowers, membranous or ± so, veined. Flowers bisexual, usually paired, shortly pedicellate; pedicel articulate or not. Tepals 6, spreading or ± so, free, linear, 3--20-veined; outer ones slightly narrower or sometimes shorter than inner ones. Stamens 6, slightly shorter than tepals; filaments filiform; anthers dorsifixed at base, linear, base with 2 prominent, caudate appendages 1--3 mm. Ovary 3-loculed. Style filiform, long; stigma very small. Fruit a capsule, obovoid or ellipsoid, 3-angled, loculicidal. Seeds black, orbicular, flattened, base cordate.

Except for its prominently appendaged anthers, Diuranthera is very similar to Chlorophytum the similarity extending to the karyotypes, and some authors treat the former genus as a highly specialized member of the latter. However, the two are here distinguished at generic level.

* Four species: China.

(Authors: Chen Xinqi (陈心启 Chen Sing-chi); Nicholas J. Turland)


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