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Filipendula Mill.


Description from Flora of China

Herbs perennial, rhizomatous. Rhizome short, oblique, here and there thickened into tubers, clothed with fibers. Stipules large or small, subcordate to ovate-lanceolate; leaf blade pinnate; leaflets pinnately or palmately lobed. Inflorescence corymbose-cymose or paniculate-cymose; central branch shortened and flowering first. Flowers bisexual, rarely unisexual (when plants dioecious). Sepals 5, reflexed after flowering. Petals 5, imbricate, white, pink, or red, base clawed. Stamens 20–40. Carpels 5–15, inserted on plane or slightly elevated receptacle, free; ovules 1 or 2; style terminal; stigma capitate. Fruit an achene, free, compressed, crowned by base of style. Seed pendulous, terete, with very little endosperm. x = 7, 8.

The fruit of Filipendula has been described as an indehiscent follicle. It is described here as an achene because it is indehiscent, as opposed to a typical, dehiscent follicle. In fact, it may be intermediate between an achene and a follicle.

More than ten species: mainly in N temperate zone; seven species (one endemic) in China.

(Authors: Li Chaoluan (Li Chao-luang); Hiroshi Ikeda, Hideaki Ohba)


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