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Gironniera Gaudich.


Description from Flora of China

Trees or shrubs, evergreen, dioecious or rarely monoecious. Branchlets never spinose, never corky or winged. Stipules firm, caducous, usually basally connate, enclosing bud, leaving a single transverse scar that completely encircles stem at each node. Leaves alternate, in several ranks; leaf blade margin entire or shallowly serrate; venation pinnate; secondary veins anastomosing before reaching margin. Inflorescences cymes or 1-flowered. Flowers unisexual. Male flowers: tepals 5, imbricate. Stamens 5; filaments short and erect. Ovary rudimentary, hair-shaped. Female flowers: tepals 5. Ovary sessile. Stigmas papillate. Drupes compressed or not; endocarp bony. Seed with endosperm or not; embryo twisted; cotyledons narrow.

About six species: SE Asia, Pacific Islands, Sri Lanka; one species in China.


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