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Luzula DC.


Description from Flora of China

Juncoides Séguier, nom. rej.

Herbs perennial, usually tufted. Rhizome short. Stems usually terete. Leaves mostly basal; leaf sheath closed, auricles absent; leaf blade lanceolate to linear, flat, usually channeled, margin long white ciliate. Inflorescences cymose, umbellate, umbel-like, corymbose, or paniculate, sometimes condensed into heads. Flowers often solitary, subtended by a scarious bract and enclosed at base by 2 short bracteoles; bracteoles usually lacerate or denticulate at margin. Perianth segments 6. Stamens 6, usually shorter than perianth; filaments thin; anthers oblong to linear. Ovary 1-loculed; ovules 3, erect from a basal, very short placenta. Style short. Capsule 3-valved. Seeds 3, oblong, indistinctly reticulate, often with a basal or apical appendage (caruncle).

Luzula capitata (Miquel) Nakai (from Japan, Korea, and Russia) has been reported from NE China. However, the present authors could not find this species among the many Chinese specimens they examined. Further investigation is required.

About 75 species: mainly in cool regions of both hemispheres, in tropical regions restricted to high elevations; 16 species (six endemic) in China.


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