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Maddenia Hook. f. et Thoms.


Description from Flora of China

Trees or shrubs, deciduous, polygamous dioecious. Branches unarmed. Winter buds large, oblong to ovoid, with several scales. Stipules large, persistent, margin glandular. Leaves alternate, simple; leaf blade margin with gland-tipped simple, double, or incised teeth. Inflorescences inserted apically on branchlets, racemose, many-flowered; bracts soon caducous. Pedicel short. Hypanthium campanulate. Sepals and petals essentially identical. Perianth segments 10–12, to 3 mm. Stamens 20–40, in 2 whorls, irregularly inserted on rim of hypanthium. Bisexual flowers: ovary superior, (1-or)2-loculed, glabrous; ovules 2 per locule, parallel, pendulous; style terminal, slender, ± as long as stamens; stigma disc-shaped. Female flowers: stamens reduced to staminodes; carpels 2; ovary glabrous; style much shorter than staminodes; stigma capitate. Fruit a 1-or 2-seeded drupe, oblong, ± flat; mesocarp thin, fleshy, not splitting when ripe; endocarp bony, ovoid, 3-angled, apex acute.

About seven species: China, Himalayas; six species (five endemic) in China.

(Authors: Gu Cuizhi (Ku Tsue-chih); Bruce Bartholomew)


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