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Pteroceltis Maxim.


Description from Flora of China

Trees, deciduous, monoecious. Branchlets never spinose, never corky or winged. Stipules 2, free, linear, caducous, leaving a short transverse scar on each side of leaf base. Leaves often distichous, blade serrate, 3-veined from base; secondary veins branching and often anastomosing before reaching marginal teeth. Male flowers: clustered in proximal leaf axil of one-year-old branchlets. Perianth 5-parted, tepals imbricate. Stamens 5; filaments erect; anthers apically pubescent. Female flowers: solitary in distal leaf axil of one-year-old branchlets. Perianth 4-parted, tepals lanceolate. Ovary laterally compressed. Nut broadly winged, endocarp bony. Endosperm scarce; embryo curved; cotyledons broad.

* One species.


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