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Stephanachne Keng


Description from Flora of China

Pappagrostis Roshevitz.

Perennials. Leaf blades linear. Inflorescence a contracted or spikelike panicle. Spikelets with 1 floret, bisexual; rachilla extension present, short; glumes lanceolate, subequal, longer than floret, membranous to herbaceous, 1–5-veined, apex acuminate; callus short, obtuse, shortly bearded; lemma narrowly ovate, herbaceous or thinly leathery, rounded on back, 5-veined, body pubescent or pilose, apex deeply 2-lobed, lobes acuminate or excurrent into a short awn, a circlet of long hairs across base of lobes, awned from sinus; awn geniculate with twisted column, scabrid throughout; palea narrowly lanceolate, equaling or slightly shorter than lemma, hairy between veins; lodicules 2 or 3, narrowly lanceolate. Stamens 1 or 3, anthers glabrous at apex. Stigmas 2.

Three species: W China, Mongolia, Tajikistan; three species (two endemic) in China.


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