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Thespis DC.


Description from Flora of China

Herbs, annual, dwarf, glabrous. Stems ascending to spreading, multibranched. Leaves alternate, simple, serrate or entire. Capitula disciform, small, globose, several, fascicled in divaricately branched corymbiform synflorescences, sessile or shortly pedunculate. Involucre hemispheric; phyllaries 2-seriate, herbaceous, subequal, broad, obtuse, margin scarious, 3-veined, usually slightly shorter than disk. Receptacle flat or convex, glabrous, with fine processes. Florets yellow; female fertile, multiseriate, corolla minutely tubular or lacking, glandular; disk florets functionally male, few, sterile, corolla tubular, tube short, limb funnelform, 4-lobed, lobe margins thickened, sometimes glandular; anther base obtuse, auriculate; style branches short, appressed. Achenes slightly compressed, small, minutely glandular or sparsely scabridulous, veined. Pappus of 6-13 short barbellate bristles in 1 series, of disk florets thin or absent.

Three species: SE Asia; one species in China.

(Authors: Chen Yilin (陈艺林 Chen Yi-ling); Luc Brouillet)


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