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Zornia J. F. Gmel.


Description from Flora of China

Herbs, annual or perennial, usually prostrate or decumbent. Stems slender. Stipules leaflike, spurred basally to point of insertion, basal portion usually divided. Leaves paripinnate, 2[-4]-foliolate; leaflets opposite, subsessile; leaflet blades usually pellucid punc­tate. Inflorescences axillary or terminal, sparse spikes; bracts usually peltate, stipulelike. Flowers small, usually enclosed in a pair of bracts. Bracteoles absent. Hypanthium short. Calyx small, 2-lipped, adaxial lobes short. Corolla usually yellow; petals ± equal. Stamens monadelphous; anthers dimorphic. Ovary linear, undulate, with 5-8 ovules; style filiform; stigma terminal. Legume a loment, compressed, not stipitate, smooth or surface echinate-setose, indehiscent, divided into few to many subglobose-oblate arti­cles, abaxial suture straight, adaxial suture sinuate, apex usually without a beak. Seeds 1 to several, ovoid or reniform, compressed.

About 75 species: tropics and temperate regions worldwide; two species in China.


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