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Microtoena urticifolia

Description from Flora of China

Herbs robust, sparsely fine pilose, minutely hispid, or puberulent. Stems 1-1.2 m. Petiole slender, 5-12.5 cm; leaf blade ovate to cordate-ovate, 7.5-12.5 cm, membranous, sparsely finely strigose, spreading villous on veins especially abaxially, base cordate to cuneate, margin coarsely serrate, apex long acuminate. Cymes lax, in terminal panicles or dichotomous and axillary, pedunculate. Flowers aromatic, short pedicellate. Calyx minutely hispid; teeth subulate to lanceolate, posterior tooth to 2 × as long as others. Corolla 2.5-3.1 cm, puberulent; tube nearly straight, abruptly dilated at apex; upper lip acute lobed in front below middle; middle lobe of lower lip longer than lateral lobes. Filaments bearded below middle. Nutlets brown, flattened, ovoid or ellipsoid, shiny.

* Wet areas on sunny hillsides; ca. 900 m. Hubei, Hunan


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