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Aletris capitata

Description from Flora of China

Leaves numerous, densely tufted, linear, 2--15 cm × 1--3 mm. Scape 10--35 cm. Raceme capitate or oblong-capitate, 0.5--1.5 cm, densely 7--11-flowered; rachis pubescent. Flowers distinctly pedicellate; pedicel 0.5--3 mm, pubescent; bract and bracteole borne on proximal 1/2 of pedicel, often near base, lanceolate; bract 2.5--5 mm, slightly shorter than flower, glabrous, apex obtuse to subacute. Perianth white, 4--5 mm, glabrous; tube campanulate; lobes spreading or recurved, oblong, 2--4 × ca. 1 mm, 1--1.5 × tube length, apex obtuse-rounded. Capsule ovoid, 3.5--4 × ca. 2.5 mm, apex of valves gradually narrowed; style ca. 1 mm; stigma slightly thickened. Fl. Jun, fr. Aug.

* Shady rocks, grasslands, forests; 2400--3500 m. C Sichuan (Baoxing Xian, Tianquan Xian).


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