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Caragana pygmaea

Description from Flora of China

Shrubs to 50 cm tall. Branches golden yellow, shiny, pu­bescent when young but gradually glabrescent. Leaves digitate, 4-foliolate; petiole 4-6 mm and persistent on long branchlets, absent and leaves clustered on short branchlets; leaflet blades oblanceolate to linear, (5-)7-17(-30) × 1-3 mm, both surfaces glabrous, apex obtuse to acute. Flowers solitary. Pedicel 0.6-2 cm, articulate basally or apically from middle, glabrous or pu­bescent. Calyx tube tubular-campanulate, 5-6 mm. Corolla yel­low, 1-1.6 cm; standard broadly obovate, claw ca. 1/3 as long as limb; wings oblong, inflated toward apex, auricle short; keel with claw as long as limb, auricle obtuse. Ovary densely pubes­cent. Legume linear, 2-3 cm, pubescent when young, glabres­cent. Fl. May, fr. Jun. 2n = 16.

Sandy areas, rocky slopes, hilly areas among rocks; 900-1300 m. Hebei, Nei Mongol, Xinjiang [Mongolia, E Russia].


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