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Cystacanthus affinis

Description from Flora of China

Shrubs to 2 m tall. Stems terete. Petiole 5-10 mm; leaf blade oblong to ovate, 2.5-6 × 1.5-3 cm, both surfaces pubescent, secondary veins 5 or 6 on each side of midvein, base cuneate, margin entire, apex acuminate. Thyrses terminal, to 2.5 cm, 3- or 4-flowered; bracts oblong-lanceolate, shorter than calyx, gland-tipped pubescent, caducous; bracteoles similar to bracts. Pedicel ca. 3 mm, gland-tipped pubescent. Calyx 1.5-2 cm, outside pubescent with gland-tipped trichomes; lobes linear, ca. 1 mm wide, apex acute. Corolla yellow outside and light yellow inside with purplish striae, 3.5-4 cm; lobes ovate, to 1.5 cm. Stamens slightly exserted; filaments barbate; anther thecae to 1 mm, connective barbate; staminodes ca. 2 mm. Ovary ca. 5 mm; style ca. 2 cm, glabrous; stigma slightly 2-cleft. Capsule light yellow, ca. 2 cm, glabrous, 6-seeded. Seeds ovate in outline, ca. 3 × 3 mm.

● Thickets, streamsides, trailsides; 1700-2200 m. Sichuan, Xizang, Yunnan.


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