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Boerhavia coccinea

Description from Flora of China

Herbs annual or perennial. Stems sprawling to ascending, most parts glandular-pubescent, sometimes conspicuously so, occasionally apparently eglandular. Petiole well defined, to 3 cm; leaf blade very variable, lanceolate to suborbicular, to 1.8-6 × 1-5.5 cm, base cuneate to shallowly cordate, margin obscurely sinuate, apex rounded to acute. Inflorescences mostly terminal and subterminal, upper leaves reduced to form ascending panicle, 2-8-flowered clusters. Pedicel to 1 mm. Perianth limb white, pink, or mauve, rarely purplish red, to 2(-2.5) mm. Stamens (1-)3(-4), 1.5-4.5 mm. Anthocarp fusiform, 3-3.5(-4) mm, obviously 5-ribbed, usually glandular hairy.

[At the time of publication], the record from Hainan is as yet unconfirmed. It has been included on the basis that the occurrence of this pantropical species in China will likely be confirmed at some time.

After publication of volume 5 of the FOC, two specimens can now (2005) be cited:
Hainan: Chim Fung Mt., near Fong Ngau Po Village, Kan-en District, Jan 2-31, 1935, S. K. Lau 5116 (A)
Hainan: Haihow, on top of city wall, Oct 11, 1922, F. A. McClure 7577 (A).

Sunny sites in disturbed areas. Hainan [Africa, America].


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