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Garcinia bracteata

Description from Flora of China

Trees ca. 8 m tall. Branchlets greenish, robust, striate, glabrous. Petiole robust, 1-1.5 cm; leaf blade abaxially greenish, ovate, ovate-elliptic, or oblong, 8-14(-18) × 4-8 cm, leathery, midvein raised abaxially, impressed adaxially; secondary veins conspicuous, dense, 20-30 pairs, near margin anastomosing; tertiary veins few and inconspicuous, base broadly cuneate or subrounded, margin cartilaginous, involute, apex acuminate or shortly acuminate, rarely obtuse. Plant dioecious, flowers in 2-7-flowered umbels; umbels usually axillary but male ones occasionally terminal; peduncles (1-)2-3 cm, with a distal pair of foliar bracts; foliar bracts ovate, large or small, leathery; pedicels 0.6-1.3 cm, 4-bracteolate at base; bracteoles broadly ovate or ovate, ca. 1.5 mm; sepals and petals gradually deflexed after anthesis. Male flowers with staminodes; fertile stamens ca. 40; filaments fleshy, connate into a cup and enveloping pistillode; anthers free, 4-celled, cells longitudinally dehiscent. Female flowers: staminodes ca. 20; filaments membranous, connate into a disk, enveloping ovary base; ovary cylindric but dilated at middle, 1-loculed; stigma peltate, smooth, irregularly lobed. Infructescence usually 1-fruited. Fruit ovoid, usually oblique at apex, 2.2-4 cm, to 3 cm in diam. when mature, ± smooth, finely striate, stipitate, wilted tepals persistent. Seed 1. Fl. Apr-May, fr. Nov-Dec.

● Mixed forests on limestone hills; 400-1300(-1800) m. S Guangxi, S and SE Yunnan.


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