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Dendropanax confertus

Description from Flora of China

Trees, to ca. 20 m tall, hermaphroditic. Petiole 0.5-6 cm; leaf blade ovate-elliptic (rarely 2- or 3-lobed), 6-14 × 2-6 cm, papery, glandular punctate, 3-veined at base, secondary veins 6-16 pairs, visible, weakly raised on both surfaces, tertiary veins obscure, rarely visible and impressed adaxially in dry material, base broadly cuneate to nearly rounded, margin entire or with irregularly scattered narrowly triangular teeth to 1 mm, apex long acuminate. Inflorescence terminal; umbels solitary, 2-3 cm in diam., 15-25-flowered; peduncle 5-10 mm, stout; pedicels 3-5 mm in flower, 3-10 mm in fruit. Ovary 5-carpellate; styles 5, united 1/2-2/3 their length. Fruit globose, 6-7 mm in diam., ribbed when dry; styles persistent, ca. 1 mm, free arms divergent apically. Fl. Aug-Sep, fr. Sep, Nov-Dec.

● Forests on mountain slopes. Guangdong, Guangxi, Hunan, Jiangxi.


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