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Vernonia chingiana

Description from Flora of China

Decaneuropsis chingiana (Handel-Mazzetti) H. Robinson & Skvarla.

Scandent shrubs, 1.5-3 m tall. Stems brown or olive-brown, distinctly striate, puberulent when young, glabrescent, sparsely yellow lenticellate, buds ferruginous tomentose. Petiole 5-15 mm, puberulent; leaf blade obovate-oblong or elliptic-oblong, 4-14 × 1.5-6.5 cm, leathery, brown when dry, glabrous, nitid, adaxially adpressed puberulent, lateral veins 4- or 5-paired, midrib and lateral veins abaxially prominent, veinlets laxly reticulate, base cuneately attenuate into petiole, margin entire or laxly denticulate, reflexed, apex acute or acuminate, rarely obtuse or shortly acute. Synflorescences terminal and subterminal, ± racemelike, lower capitula subtended by well-developed leaves. Capitula 3-6, ca. 20 mm in diam.; peduncles 3-10 mm; bracteoles several, leaflike, densely puberulent. Involucre broadly campanulate, 12-15 × 15-20 mm; phyllaries ca. 5-seriate, hard, often overtopping disk, apically many striate, apex obtuse or rather acute, outer ovate, ca. 3 mm, inner sublanceolate or oblong-lanceolate, 8-10 × ca. 3 mm, with narrowly scarious margins, glabrous or ciliate on margins. Receptacle convex, 4-5 mm in diam., foveolate. Florets many, fragrant; corolla white, tubular, tube 10-11 mm, limb broadly campanulate; lobes lanceolate, acute, often reflexed, glabrous. Achenes cylindric, 7-9 mm, obscurely 7-ribbed, glabrous or sparsely puberulent. Pappus 2-seriate, yellow or fulvous; outer setae short, easily deciduous; inner setae ca. 12 mm, scabrid-barbellate.

The roots and leaves of Vernonia chingiana are used for treating infantile convulsions and injuries of the skin.

● Open forests on stony mountains, on rocks, thickets on slopes; 400-600 m. Guangxi.


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