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Polygala bawanglingensis

Description from Flora of China

Subshrubs, erect, 20-50 cm tall. Stems branched or not, reddish brown, ± fleshy. Petiole 1-2 cm; leaf blade green, obovate or elliptic, 1-8 × 0.3-3 cm, papery, both surfaces glabrous, midvein raised abaxially, impressed adaxially, lateral veins 6-10 pairs, raised abaxially, curved, anastomosing near margin, base cuneate, margin entire, apex obtuse, mucronate. Racemes terminal, axillary, or extra-axillary, ca. 5 cm, glabrous. Pedicel ca. 1.5 mm; bracteoles 3. Sepals 5, caducous; outer sepals 3, obovate to elliptic, small, apex rounded; inner sepals 2, petaloid, greenish yellow, broadly elliptic to suborbicular, large, 3-4 × 2-3 mm, 5-veined, apex rounded. Petals 3, connate in lower 1/2, yellow, ca. 3.5 mm; lateral petals elliptic; keel bright yellow, apex undulate, with boatlike appendages. Stamens 8; filaments lower 1/4 united, forming an open staminal sheath. Ovary obovoid, ca. 1 mm; style curved, apex funnelform. Capsule obcordate, ca. 4 mm in diam., winged, apex incised. Seeds 2, black, ellipsoidal, ca. 1 mm, densely white pilose, with strophiole and appendage. Fl. and fr. May-Jun.

● NE-facing karst limestone rock faces; 900-1000 m. Hainan (Changjiang).


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