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Dinghushan | Family List | Lauraceae | Litsea

Litsea rotundifolia Hemsl.


Description from Flora of China

Evergreen shrubs or small trees, up to 3 m tall. Branchlets glabrous or subglabrous. Leaves scattered; petiole 3-10 mm, pubescent when young and becoming glabrous; leaf blade broadly ovate-rounded, rotund, ovate, or ovate-oblong, glabrous on both surfaces and glaucous abaxially, pinninerved, lateral veins 3 or 4 pairs, base rotund, rounded, obtuse, or cuneate, apex obtuse-rounded, acuminate, or shortly acuminate. Umbels often in cluster of 3, axillary, almost sessile, 3- or 4-flowered. Male flowers subsessile; perianth segments 6, obovate-rounded, unequal in size; filaments pilose, of 3rd whorls each with 2 rounded small glands at base; rudimentary pistil glabrous. Fruit globose, ca. 6 mm in diam., subsessile, gray-blue-black at maturity. Fl. Aug-Sep, fr. Sep-Nov.

Sparse forests, thickets on lower areas of mountains, roadsides on mountains, riversides; below 800 m. Fujian, Guangdong, Guangxi, Hainan, Hunan, Jiangxi, Taiwan, Zhejiang [Vietnam].

生活型: 灌木

栽培植物: 野生

特征: 灌木,和豺皮樟近,但本种的叶阔卵形或倒卵状椭圆形,基部浑圆,顶端钝或浑圆;

花期: 7

果期: 10

生境: 生于疏林、灌丛、路旁或林中

用途: 果皮及叶含芳香油,种子含脂肪油,供工业用

门中名: 种子植物门

亚门中名: 被子植物亚门

纲中名: 双子叶植物纲

中文别名: 豺皮木姜


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