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A Catalogue of the Vascular Plants of Madagascar   Family List

Please note that this is a legacy site which is now out of date

Please visit the new Madagascar Catalogue site at

The Vahinala Project aims to bring together information on all native and naturalized vascular plant species in Madagascar, evaluating the available taxonomic literature and specimen base for each taxon. The project will result in The Catalogue of Vascular Plants of Madagascar, comprising an online database, and eventually a printed version. The Missouri Botanical Garden leads the project in collaboration with numerous institutional and individual partners. We anticipate completing the synonymized list of accepted species by mid-2008 and to have evaluated all genera and compiled distributional, ecological, and conservation status information for all accepted species by the end of 2010. The data available now represent the subset thus far completed (milestones).

We gratefully acknowledge the support of the National Science Foundation, grant no. 074335

Families completed to date

Use the pale green navigation bar that appears on the left of most screens in the Catalogue to browse or search the currently available data. Searches may be made using a % as a wildcard symbol. The Complex Search link on the navigation bar enables the generation of species lists based on a search for multiple search criteria, for example, all of the endemic tree species classed as endangered or critically endangered that occur in a particular protected area. Complex Search allows a Keyword Search on taxon name, thus a generated list may be restricted to a certain family or genus by specifying this name in the Keyword search box.

Fampidirana | Introduction en Français

Calyptranthera schatziana


Credit: G.E. Schatz

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