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49. Crataegus texana Buckley, Proc. Acad. Nat. Sci. Philadelphia. 13: 454. 1862.

Texas red haw

Crataegus mollis (Torrey & A. Gray) Scheele var. texana (Buckley) Lance

Shrubs or trees, 100 dm. Stems: ˂older trunk bark nearly black, grooved, younger gray, fibrous, checked into longitudinal plates˃; twigs: new growth lanate, 1-year old pale grayish tan, older gray; thorns on twigs absent or frequent, straight, 2-years old ± bright chestnut brown or shiny black, fine, 4–5 cm. Leaves: petiole length 37–43% blade, tomentose young, glabrescent, eglandular; blade broadly elliptic, narrowly rhombic, rhombic, rhombic-ovate, or broadly ovate, 4–7 cm, thin, base broadly cuneate to rounded, lobes 1–4 per side, sinuses shallow to deep, lobe apex obtuse to subacute, margins strongly serrate except proximally, ˂teeth 2–3 mm˃, veins 5 per side, apex acute to subacute or obtuse, abaxial surface sparsely to densely white-tomentose young, less dense mature, veins densely hairy, adaxial densely scabrous young, glabrescent. Inflorescences 7–12-flowered; branches tomentose, sometimes glabrescent; bracteoles caducous, ± linear, (larger) herbaceous to (smaller) membranous, margins glandular. Flowers 14–22 mm diam.; hypanthium tomentose; sepals narrowly triangular, 4–6 mm, margins glandular-serrate to glandular-laciniate, abaxially densely pubescent; stamens 20, anthers rose, rose-purple, red, or purple; styles 4 or 5. Pomes red, sometimes red-orange, suborbicular, 9–14(–25) mm diam., with remnant tomentum; sepals often eroded or broken, spreading; pyrenes 4 or 5.

Varieties 2 (2 in the flora): sc United States.

Crataegus texana is distributed through much of the eastern half of Texas and into Oklahoma, Arkansas, and southwestern Missouri.

Crataegus texana is provisionally treated as a complex of pink- to purple-anthered, 20-stamened, red-fruited forms.

1 Leaf blades: lobes 2–4 per side, sinuses deep, lobe apices ± angled.   49a Crataegus texana var. texana
+ Leaf blades: lobes 1 or 2(or 3) per side, sinuses shallow, lobe apices ± obtuse to subacute.   49b Crataegus texana var. dasyphylla

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