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19a. Hibiscus striatus Cavanilles subsp. lambertianus (Kunth) O. J. Blanchard, J. Arnold Arbor. 63: 267. 1982.

Hibiscus lambertianus Kunth in A. von Humboldt et al., Nov. Gen. Sp. 5(fol.): 226; 5(qto.): 291; plate 478. 1822; H. cubensis A. Richard

Subshrubs or shrubs, to 4 m, herbage stellate-tomentose throughout. Stems sparingly armed with ± stout prickles. Leaves: stipules linear-subulate, 3–14 mm; petiole 1/4–3/4 as long as blade, often prickly; blade lanceolate to narrowly ovate, unlobed [lobed], 8–17.5 × 3–8 cm, base truncate to rounded, margins crenate-serrate, apex acute, surfaces stellate-tomentose, nectary absent. Inflorescences solitary flowers in axils of distal leaves. Pedicels not jointed, abscising at base, 1.5–7 cm; involucellar bractlets 10–15, linear-subulate, 1–2.5 cm, margins ± ciliate. Flowers showy, horizontal or ascending; calyx divided 1/2 length, campanulate, 1.5–3.5 cm, somewhat larger in fruit, lobes triangular, apices acute to acuminate, densely stellate-tomentose, sparingly to moderately setose on veins, nectaries absent; corolla broadly funnelform, petals pale mauve, red at base, obovate, 4–12 × 2–6 cm, apical margins repand, sometimes undulate, sparingly coarsely hairy abaxially where exposed in bud; staminal column straight, white or pink, 1.5–4 cm, bearing filaments in ± discrete tiers, free portion of filaments not secund, 1–1.5 mm; pollen pale purple; styles white, wedge-shaped, 2–18 mm; stigmas white. Capsules dark brown, ovoid to ellipsoid, 1.5–3.5 cm, apex acute to depressed, hispid, hairs yellowish to whitish. Seeds dark brown, reniform-ovoid, 2.5–3.5 mm, tomentulose, hairs yellowish to reddish. 2n = 52.

Flowering Jun–Oct. Marshes, edges of lakes, usually coastal; 0–70 m; Tex.; se Mexico; West Indies (Cuba, Jamaica); Central America (Honduras); South America (Bolivia, Brazil, Colombia, Peru, Suriname, Venezuela).

Subspecies lambertianus is occasionally cultivated as an ornamental.


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