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132. Erigeron glacialis (Nuttall) A. Nelson, Bot. Gaz. 37: 270. 1904.

Subalpine fleabane

Aster glacialis Nuttall, Trans. Amer. Philos. Soc., n. s. 7: 291. 1840; Erigeron salsuginosus (Richardson ex R. Brown) A. Gray var. glacialis (Nuttall) A. Gray

Perennials, 5 55(–70) cm; rhizomatous, fibrous-rooted, caudices usually simple, thick. Stems erect to ascending, hirsute or hirsuto-villous to densely strigillose (hairs loosely appressed, slightly crinkled), eglandular. Leaves basal (usually persistent) and cauline; basal blades linear-oblanceolate to broadly lanceolate or spatulate, (20–)30–160(–200) × 7–45 mm, cauline gradually reduced distally (bases distinctly subclasping, except when greatly reduced), margins entire, faces glabrous or glabrate, hirsute, or villous to sparsely villosulous, eglandular. Heads 1(–8). Involucres 6–9(–12) × 10–22(–25) mm. Phyllaries in 2–3(–4) series (faces and margins) usually glabrous, rarely sparsely villous (cross walls not colored), densely and evenly stipitate-glandular. Ray florets 30–80; corollas usually blue to rose purple or pink, sometimes white to pale blue, 8–16(–25) mm (mostly 1.5–3 mm wide), laminae coiling. Disc corollas 3.8–6 mm. Cypselae 2.5–2.8 mm, (4–)5(–7)-nerved, faces sparsely strigose; pappi: outer of setae, inner of 20–30 bristles.

Varieties 2 (2 in the flora): North America.

1 Peduncles densely strigillose with loosely appressed, slightly crinkled hairs; leaf faces glabrous or villous   132a Erigeron glacialis var. glacialis
+ Peduncles hirsute to hirsuto-villous; leaf faces hir-sute to hirsuto-villous   132b Erigeron glacialis var. hirsutus


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