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FNA | Family List | FNA Vol. 20 | Asteraceae | Erigeron

102. Erigeron petrophilus Greene, Pittonia. 1: 218. 1888.

Perennials, 10–20(–30) cm; taprooted, caudices woody, branches rhizomelike. Stems usually decumbent-ascending, sometimes nearly erect, sparsely to densely white-villous (hairs loose, thin, often crinkly) or sparsely hispido-pilose (hairs usually stiff, spreading, sometimes antrorsely ascending or appressed; var. viscidulus), usually densely minutely glandular at least distally, sometimes eglandular or obscurely glandular (var. viscidulus). Leaves cauline; blades narrowly oblong to oblanceolate, 10–25 × 1–5 mm, usually even-sized, margins entire, ciliate, faces sparsely to densely villous to hirsuto-villous, usually densely minutely glandular, sometimes eglandular or obscurely glandular (var. viscidulus). Heads (discoid) (1–)2–5(–10) in corymbiform arrays. Involucres 5.5–7(–8) × 8–12 mm. Phyllaries in 3–5 series (sometimes purplish apically), usually glabrous, sometimes with spreading hairs, densely glandular. Ray (pistillate) florets 0. Disc corollas 4–6 mm (throats slightly indurate, not inflated). Cypselae (2–)2.5–3 mm, 2-nerved, glabrous; pappi: outer of setae, inner of 22–30(–35) bristles.

Varieties 3 (3 in the flora): California.

1 Stems and leaves eglandular or obscurely glandular; nonglandular hairs mostly stiff, straight or curved   102c Erigeron petrophilus var. viscidulus
+ Stems and leaves densely glandular; nonglandular hairs usually loose, often crinkly   (2)
2 (1) Phyllaries with distinctly expanded, purplish area at apices   102a Erigeron petrophilus var. petrophilus
+ Phyllaries with apices not purplish and differently colored from proximal portion   102b Erigeron petrophilus var. sierrensis


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