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Ainsliaea DC.


Ainsliaea macroclinidioides

Credit: HAST

Perennial simple or branched herbs. Leaves alternate, chiefly radical or on median part of stem, entire to lobed. Heads discoid, small, few flowered, sessile or pedunculate, in racemes, spikes, or panicles, often pendulous. Involucres narrowly tubular; bracts in many series, imbricate; receptacles glabrous. Florets few, narrowly tubular, reflexed. Anthers with sagittate base, tails long, connate, bearded. Style arms short, flat, rounded to truncate at apex, spreading. Achenes oblanceolate, rather flattened, many-ribbed, apex truncate, base narrowed, glabrous or coarsely pilose. Pappus bristles in one series, plumose, sometimes absent.

About 80 species in eastern Asia and India; four species in Taiwan.


1 Leaves all radical.   subsp. henryi
+ Leaves sub-verticillate on or below middle of stem.   (2)
2 (1) Leaf apex obtuse, margins entire, lower surface densely hairy.   Ainsliaea fragrans
+ Leaf apex acute, margins dentate-serrate or lobed, mucronulate, hairy only on dorsal veins.   (3)
3 (2) Leaves dentate-serrate.   var. macroclinidioides
+ Leaves palmately lobed.   var. secundiflora

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