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Eria Lindl.



Epiphytic perennials with short rhizomes. Stems developed into fleshy pseudobulb with 1- several internodes, usually with 2-5 leaves at apex. Leaves duplicate or rarely convolute, coriaceous or subcoriaceous, entire. Racemes terminal or usually lateral from upper part of pseudobulb, erect or pendulous. Flowers few to many, glabrous or sometimes pubescent outside; bracts narrow; sepals subequal or lateral ones larger, dorsal one free, lateral ones often oblique at base and adnate to foot of column forming spur-like or saccate mentum; petals more or less similar to dorsal sepal; lip attached to and usually incumbent on foot of column, entire or 3-lobed, disc keeled or not; column concave, base elongate, forming long foot; anther terminal, incumbent, operculate, mainly 2-celled or imperfectly 4- or 8-celled; pollinia 8, 4 in each cell, waxy, laterally flattened, ovoid or pyriform, connected in 2 pairs by viscid caudicle; stigma entire.

About 370 species, extending from Japan, China, the Himalaya, India, Sri Lanka and the Philippines southward through Indonesia to Papua New Guinea. Seven species in Taiwan.


1 Leaves stiff, linear-oblanceolate, 30-40 cm long; flowers ca. 5 mm long; mentum as long as dorsal sepal.   Eria robusta
+ Leaves not stiff, oblong to lanceolate, 3-35 cm long; flowers more than 1 cm long; mentum shorter than dorsal sepal.   (2)
2 (1) Pseudobulbs ovoid to elongate ovoid, 1.5-6 cm long, sepals and petals nearly white; lip 3-lobed.   (3)
+ Pseudobulbs cylindrical or cylindrical-fusiform, 5-25 cm long; sepals and petals variously colored; lip 3-lobed or undivided.   (5)
3 (2) Plants with distinct rhizome, pseudobulbs 4-5 cm part.   Eria javanica
+ Plants without distinct rhizome, pseudobulbs close or tufted.   (4)
4 (3) Pseudobulbs often 4-ridged, 3-6 cm long; flowers numerous.   Eria corneri
+ Pseudobulbs not ridged, 1.5-2 cm long; flowers usually 1-3.   Eria reptans
5 (2) Pseudobulb often branched.   Eria tomentosiflora
+ Pseudobulbs not branched, closely tufted.   (6)
6 (5) Pseudobulbs usually cylindrical fusiform, 4-10 cm long; flowers greenish yellow, marked with reddish lines; lip 3-lobed.   Eria amica
+ Pseudobulbs usually cylindrical, 10-25 cm long; flowers white; lip undivided.   Eria ovata

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