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Eulophia R. Br.


Terrestrial autotrophic or rarely saprophytic herbs with subterranean tubers or above ground pseudobulbs. Leaves appearing with flowers or after anthesis, basal, linear or oblong, articulate, sometimes reduced to scales. Scapes lateral, arising from tubers or pseudobulbs, erect, with racemose or rarely paniculate flowers; bracts membranaceous. Flowers with spreading or subspreading perianth; sepals free, subequal, lateral ones often slightly oblique; petals similar to dorsal sepal or slightly wider, often connivent; lip erect on base or foot of column, usually with saccate or spurred base, more or less 3-lobed, lateral lobes erect and surrounding column, midlobe spreading or recurved, disc often with keels, crest-like ridges or papillae; column short or long, with or without foot; anther terminal, operculate, with reduced partitions, often with 2 apical processes; pollinia 2, waxy, more or less cleft, attached by a simple stipe to viscidium; stigma entire.

About 240 species, tropical and subtropical, mainly in Africa, also abundant in Indonesia and Pacific Islands. Four species in Taiwan.


1 Plants with subterranean horizontal tubers, saprophytic, green leaves absent; lip shortly saccate at base; column foot distinct, equal or longer than column.   Eulophia zollingeri
+ Plants with erect, more or less above ground pseudobulbs, autotrophic, green leaves present with or after flowers; lip distinctly spurred; column foot shorter than column or obscure.   (2)
2 (1) Pseudobulbs cylindrical or clavate; leaves present with flowers, oblong, more than 4 cm wide.   Eulophia pulchra
+ Pseudobulbs conic-ovate; leaves produced after anthesis, linear, less than 1.5 cm wide.   (3)
3 (2) Flowers dull green, with brownish purple veins; sepals spreading; midlobe of lip 6-7 mm across; spur dilated at apex.   Eulophia graminea
+ Flowers purple; sepals not widely spreading; midlobe of lip less than 4 mm across; spur tapering toward apex.   Eulophia taiwanensis

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