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Hetaeria Blume


LEOU, Chong-Sheng

Terrestrial herbs with creeping rhizomes. Stems ascending, leafy. Leaves green, usually asymmetric, distinctly petiolate above sheathing base. Inflorescence terminal, spicate, peduncle often hairy, with few scale-like sheaths. Flowers resupiniate or non-resupinate, ovary not twisted or slightly twisted; dorsal sepal forming hood with narrow or broad petals; lateral sepals enclosing saccate base of lip; lip connate to base of column, bipartite or tripartite, basal part concave or saccate, containing various kinds of papillae, convolute and constricted toward apex, or clawed at middle and bilobed at apex; column short or long, erect, with 2 parallel wing-like appendages ventrally; anther cells separated; pollinia 2, each 2partite, sectile, attached to viscidium or tegula stipe; stigmatic lobes 2, convex, close to base of rostellum; rostellum bifid or shallowly cleft. Capsules erect.

About 20 species in the paleotropic. Two species in Taiwan.


1 Leaves subcoriaceous, margins flat, midrib green; lip tripartite, epichile with 2 orbicular lobules at apex; hood and column perpendicular to ovary   Hetaeria biloba
+ Leaves chartaceous, margins slightly wavy-crisped, midrib often white and shining; lip bipartite, epichile constricted and convolute, sometimes expanded but unlobed; hood and column suberect   Hetaeria cristata

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