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Myrmechis Blume


LEOU, Chong-Sheng

Small perennial herbs with underground rhizomes, rootless. Stems ascending, terete, glabrous, leafy mostly in upper part. Leaves petiolate, ovate, acute to acuminate at apex. Inflorescence terminal, spicate; peduncle pubescent. Flowers 1-3, resupinate, half-opened; sepals 1-nerved, lateral ones with base more or less connate and enclosing sac of lip; petals narrow, forming hood with dorsal sepal; lip adnate to base of column, base saccate, with 2 protuberances within, middle part narrowed into an entire, crenate or crenulate claw, apex terminating in 2 quadrate or rounded lobules; column short, ventrally appendaged; stigmatic lobes 2, protruding from lateral sides of rostellum; rostellum slender; anther 2celled; pollinia 2, each 2-partite, sectile, massulae granular, narrowed into short or long caudicles and attached to viscidium. Capsules erect, sessile.

About seven species, the Himalaya, China, Japan, the Philippines, Java and Sumatra. One species in Taiwan.

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