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Oreorchis Lindl.


Terrestrial herbs with rhizome and corm-like pseudobulbs. Pseudobulbs with few internodes, terminally 1- or 2-leaved. Leaves narrow, plicate, usually linear, articulate with petiole, petiole clasping, enclosed by overlapping sheaths forming false stem. Peduncle lateral from pseudobulb, with few sheathing scales below, with many loosely racemose or densely subcapitate flowers above. Flowers resupinate, perianth subspreading; bracts shorter than pedicel and ovary; sepals and petals subequal, free, petals more or less erect, close to dorsal sepal; lip adnate to base of column, often short clawed at base, spurless, 3-lobed, lateral lobes small and narrow, central lobe much larger and recurved, with calli or lamellae near base; column erect, shorter than sepals, slightly dilated at apex; anther terminal, operculate, with poorly developed cells; pollinia 4, subglobose, waxy, connected by stipe to viscidium; stigma entire, concave; rostellum short.

About ten species, from the Himalaya through southwestern China to Japan. Four species in Taiwan.

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