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Vanda Jones ex R. Br.


Epiphytic herbs. Stems fairly long, usually stout, with short internodes. Leaves distichous, flat, narrowly tape-like, often bilobed or variously toothed at apex, turning conduplicate toward base. Racemes axillary, usually erect or ascending, simple, bearing few to many well-spaced large flowers. Flowers fleshy, highly colored, long-lasting; sepals and petals subequal, widely spreading, with narrow base, margins often twisted or wavy; lip attached to base of column, shortly spurred, 3-lobed, lateral lobes small, erect, midlobe large, usually with longitudinal keels, spur often laterally flattened, without internal appendages or callosities; column short, without distinct foot; anther terminal, operculate, 2-celled; pollinia 2, waxy, porate or strongly cleft, attached to short broad stipe with large oval viscidium; stigma entire; rostellum short, broad, bifid.

About 40 species, from southern China, the Himalaya, Sri Lanka and the Philippines through Indonesia to Papua New Guinea and Australia. One species in Taiwan.

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