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Datura L.
    Sp. Pl. 1: 179 (1753).

Reference(s): D'Arcy, W. G. & A. Rakotozafy (1994)

Status: this genus has been assessed for the following:

- Species in Fl. Madag: 3 naturalised

- Accepted published species: 3 naturalised

- Estimated total species: 3 naturalised

- Indigenous species endemism: no indigenous species

Additional taxonomic work: not currently required

Species level data entry: complete

Note: According to D'Arcy, D. metel is known from a single old collection from Mahajanga. It is not known if this species was naturalized or not, nor whether it still persists.

Contributed/compiled by: Peter B. Phillipson

Updated on: 08 Feb. 2007

Lower Taxa:


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