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Plectranthus L'Hér.
    Stirp. Nov. 84 verso: (1788).

Living Plant image: SCHATZ 4061

Credit: Pete Lowry

  • Burnatastrum Briq.
  • Coleus Lour.
  • Germanea Lam.
  • Perrierastrum Guillaumin
  • Solenostemon Thonn.


    Status: this genus has been assessed for the following:

    - Species in Fl. Madag: 51 (49 endemic, 1 indigenous non-endemic, 1 naturalised)

    - Accepted published species: 53 (47 endemic, 5 indigenous non-endemic, 1 naturalised)

    - Estimated undescribed species: 12 endemic

    Additional taxonomic work: in progress

    Species level data entry: complete

    Note: In addition to the published species, Hedge et al. (1998), discussed several probable new species or inadequately known species, work is currently underway to delimit and publish several new species. Also mentioned was the widely cultivated P. rotundifolius (Poir.) Spreng. since it was supposedly introduced into cultivation in Mauritius from Madagascar, however there are no specimens of this species known from Madagascar, and no suggestion that it is either indigenous or naturalized there. They also list 4 species that are known to be cultivated in Madagascar as ornamentals, including P. madagascariensis (Pers.) Benth. which is not known to occur naturally in Madagascar. Other species are likely to be found in gardens or homes.

    Contributed/compiled by: P.B. Phillipson

    Updated on: 01 Feb. 2008

    Lower Taxa:


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  • Living Plant image: SCHATZ 4061 (Pete Lowry)
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