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Asteropeia densiflora Baker
    J. Bot. 20: 49 (1882).

Asteropeia densiflora
Living plant: Schatz et al. 3965

Credit: G.E. Schatz

  • Asteropeia sphaerocarpa Baker

    Distribution: Endemic to Madagascar

    Bioclimate: Subhumid, Montane

    Vegetation Formation: Woodland, Forest

    Elevation (m): 1000-1499, 1500-1999

    Province: Antananarivo, Fianarantsoa

    Protected Areas : Andringitra

    Important sites outside protected areas: Ibity, Itremo/Ambatofinandrahana

    Preliminary Conservation Assessment : B1ab2ab

    Published Red List Status: NT (IUCN Red List treatment)

    Description: Asteropeia densiflora is a gnarled shrub to small tree, or occasionally forms a prostrate carpet no more than 15 cm in height. It occurs on granitic, quartzite, and marble outcrops in Tapia woodland from Ibity to Andringitra RNI. Asteropeia densiflora can be distinguished from A. rhopaloides, with which it shares inflorescence axes covered with dense, short, rusty brown ferruginous indumentum, by its pedicels with numerous, minute, caducous bracteoles at the base, which leave evident scars, and by its spherical to ellipsoid, hard, smooth, somewhat fleshy shiny-glabrous fruits.

    Type(s) of accepted name: BARON 40 (HT: K; IT: P)

    Type(s) of syns and other voucher(s):

    Updated on: 11 Jan. 2008

    Distribution map:


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  • Living plant: Schatz et al. 3965 (G.E. Schatz)
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