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Capparis sepiaria L.
    Syst. Nat. (ed. 10) 2: 1071 (1759).

Distribution: Madagascar, Africa, Asia

Bioclimate: Humid, Subarid

Vegetation Formation: Thicket

Elevation (m): 0-499

Province: Toliara

Protected Areas : Andohahela, Andranomena

Important sites outside protected areas: La Table/St Augustin

Note: Capparis sepiaria is a species complex that shows considerable variation in Africa. The type is from Asia (India), where there appears to be less variability. Many varieties have been recognised, some of which have species-level basionyms. A complete revision of this complex is much needed, and I suspect this would result in the resolution of several distinct species within the complex. In Madagascar, there appear to be 3 entities in the group, one of which closely resembles the typical Asian plant, while the other 2 appear to be distinct from anything else in Asia or in Africa, and these probably merit taxonomic recognition. One of these was listed as a insufficiently known species by Hadj Moustapha (1965). There is a shortage of good material of these plants. C. corymbosa was given as a synonym by Hadj Moustapha, but this species has much larger flowers and occurs in Tropical Africa.

Updated on: 19 May. 2006


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