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Russian Ornamental | Family List | Liliaceae | Tulipa

Tulipa vvedenskyi Botschantz.
[(subgenus Tulipa)]

Tulipa vvedenskyi

Credit: Tatyana Shulkina

Plant 15-20 (-40) cm, stem hairy, glaucous green. Leaves 4-5, glaucous, variable in size, crisp or slightly wavy. Flowers solitary, large, 2-7 cm in diam., cup-shaped, red, with yellow base, sometimes dark-bordered. Filaments and anthers yellow. V - early spring to beginning of summer. Fl - April (in St. Petersburg mid May). P - freely vegetatively and also by seed. Hardy, can grow in northern regions. Prefers full sun, but tolerates partial shade. Z 4 (3). New.

Central Asia (western Tien Shan, Angren River basin). Debris slopes, rocky soil, talus.

Some other species (mostly from Central Asia) have been studied in St. Petersburg, and can be recommended for cultivation. Species marked * are new to cultivation. The short descriptions give stem height (in cm), colour of the flower and flowering period. The flowering period is given as it is in the wild (sometimes in the alpine zone), and it can be otherwise under other environmental conditions. The appropriate climatic zone and special requirements to soil are also indicated.

Name Height Flower colour & time USDA zone, soil

Subgenus Tulipa:

*T. affinis Botschantz.




Z 5 (4), dry
*T. albertii Regel 12-20 red, yellow May Z 5 (4), rocky
*T. altaica Pall. ex Spreng 30-50 bright yellow May Z 4, rocky
*T. anadroma Botschantz. 30 yellow May Z 5 (4), indiff.
*T. borszczowii Regel 15-25 yellow, orange, red May Z 6, sandy
*T. brachystemon Regel 10-35 yellow, orange April Z 5, gravelly
*T. butkovii Botschantz. 15 carmine, red April Z 5, gravelly
*T. hissarica Popov et Vved. 7-10 yellow-green April Z 5 (4), dry
*T. korolkowii Regel 7-20 orange-red March Z 6, gravelly
  T. kuschkensis B. Fedtsch. 15-50 red March Z 6, clay
*T. lehmanniana Merckl. 60-40 orange-red, lemon March Z 6, dry
*T. mogoltavica Popov. et Vved. 15 red with black April Z 5 (4), clay
*T. ostrovskiana Regel 15-25 red, orange-red April Z 5, clay
*T. platystemon Vved. 10-20 pale yellow June Z 5, rocky
*T. rosea Vved. 10-15 lilac pink March Z 6, gravelly
*T. subpraestans Vved. 15-35 red May Z 6, gravelly
*T. subquiquefolia Vved. 30-50 red April Z 6 (5), dry
*T. tetraphylla Regel 15-25 white-yellow June Z 6 (5), dry
*T. tianschanica Regel 5-15 yellow June Z 6, sandy
*T. zenaidae Vved. 10-15 yellow May Z 6, rocky

Subgenus Eriostemones:

*T. buhseana Boiss.




Z 6, sandy
   T. dasystemon (Regel) Regel 10-15 yellow May Z 5, indiff.
*T. dasystemonoides Vved. 5-15 yellow July Z 4, moist
*T. lipskyi Grossh. 6-10 lilac pink May Z 6 (5), rocks
*T. orithyoides Vved. 7-10 white June Z 5, gravelly
*T. patens Agardh ex Schult. f. 10-20 pale lilac April Z 5, dry place
*T. regelii Krasn. 5-10 white-yellow April Z 6, gravelly
*T. sogdiana Bunge 7-15 white March Z 6, gravelly
*T. turcomanica B. Fedtsch. 15-25 white May Z 6 (5), rocky
*T. turkestanica (Regel) Regel 10-20 white March Z 5, gravelly


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