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12. Atriplex Linnaeus, Sp. Pl. 2: 1052. 1753.

滨藜属 bin li shu

Herbs annual or perennial, subshrubs, or shrubs, usually furfuraceous. Leaves alternate, rarely opposite, petiolate or subsessile; leaf blade flattened, slightly succulent, linear, lanceolate, oblong, ovate, triangular, rhombic, or hastate, margin serrate, rarely entire. Flowers unisexual (plants monoecious or dioecious), borne in axillary glomerules arranged in panicles or short, leafy spikes. Male flowers ebracteate; perianth (3-)5-parted; segments oblong or obovate, apex obtuse; stamens 3-5, inserted at base of perianth; filaments usually united proximally; ovary rudimentary, conic or terete, rarely obsolete. Female flowers: bractlets 2, free or margins connate to varying lengths, slightly enlarged in fruit (here termed “fruiting bracts”), shape various, both sides usually with appendages; perianth and disk absent; ovary ovoid or globose; style very short; stigmas 2, subulate or filamentous. Utricle enclosed by fruiting bracts; pericarp adnate to seed. Seed vertical, compressed, compressed globose, or lenticular; testa membranous, leathery, or crustaceous; embryo annular; radicle lateral or superior; perisperm surrounded by embryo.

About 250 species: temperate and subtropical zones; 17 species (two introduced) in China.

1 Subshrubs or shrubs; leaf blade margin entire.   (2)
+ Herbs annual; leaf blade margin ± serrate.   (4)
2 (1) Shrubs; flowers borne in short, leafy, spikelike inflorescences (Hainan).   3 A. repens
+ Subshrubs; flowers borne in terminal, leafless panicles (Xinjiang).   (3)
3 (2) Leaves opposite, leaf blade rhomboid to obovate-lanceolate; fruiting bracts tuberculate on surfaces.   1 A. verrucifera
+ Leaves alternate, leaf blade oblanceolate to linear; fruiting bracts without appendages.   2 A. cana
4 (1) Fruiting bracts orbicular, margin entire.   (5)
+ Fruiting bracts not orbicular, margin ± toothed.   (7)
5 (4) Plants with male flowers and 2-bracteate female flowers; fruiting bracts of 2 sizes.   6 A. micrantha
+ Plants with bisexual flowers (or stamens undeveloped and flowers appearing female) and 2-bracteate female flowers; fruiting bracts all of same size.   (6)
6 (5) Fruiting bracts acute at apex; leaves scarcely furfuraceous (cultivated).   4 A. hortensis
+ Fruiting bracts rounded or slightly emarginate at apex; leaves densely furfuraceous.   5 A. aucheri
7 (4) Leaves green, without Kranz anatomy.   (8)
+ Leaves gray-green, with Kranz anatomy.   (12)
8 (7) Leaf blade more than 2 × as long as wide, linear, or lanceolate to narrowly oblong.   (9)
+ Leaf blade up to 2 × as long as wide.   (10)
9 (8) Fruiting bracts rhombic to ovate-rhombic, furfuraceous, margins united to middle.   7 A. patens
+ Fruiting bracts ovate-lanceolate to subcordate, scarcely furfuraceous, margins united only basally.   8 A. laevis
10 (8) Leaf blade subglabrous, margin entire.   9 A. fera
+ Leaf blade furfuraceous, margin ± toothed.   (11)
11 (10) Leaf blade base hastate to subtruncate; perianth of male flowers yellow.   10 A. prostrata
+ Leaf blade base cuneate; perianth of male flowers green.   11 A. patula
12 (7) Fruiting bracts covered with thornlike appendages, only distal margins free.   12 A. sibirica
+ Fruiting bracts appendaged near base at center or without appendages.   (13)
13 (12) Flowers glomerulate, axillary throughout plant.   (14)
+ Flowers axillary and forming distinct, spikelike inflorescences on upper branches; fruiting bracts without appendages or with a few irregular, tuberculate appendages.   (15)
14 (13) Leaf margins sparsely serrate; fruiting bracts flabellate, with soft, thornlike, tuberculate appendages.   13 A. centralasiatica
+ Leaves entire, or with a pair of obtuse lobes near base; fruiting bracts cordate to sagittate, appendage a 3-parted process.   14 A. dimorphostegia
15 (13) Herbs annual (W China).   17 A. tatarica
+ Herbs perennial (coasts of Fujian and Taiwan).   (16)
16 (15) Fruiting bracts shortly stalked, margins triangular serrate.   15 A. maximowicziana
+ Fruiting bracts sessile, margins finely repand dentate.   16 A. nummularia

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