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17. Drypetes Vahl, Eclogae Amer. 3: 49. 1810.

核果木属 he guo mu shu

Authors: Bingtao Li & Michael G. Gilbert

Cyclostemon Blume.

Trees or shrubs, dioecious; indumentum of simple hairs, often absent. Leaves alternate; stipules 2; petioles short; leaf blade simple, base often asymmetrical, margin entire or serrate, venation pinnate. Inflorescences axillary, sometimes grouped into glomerules, racemes, or panicles. Male flowers pedicellate or sessile; sepals 4-6, distinct, usually unequal, imbricate; petals absent; stamens 1-25, 1 to several whorls surrounding disk or outer ones inserted at margin or sinus of disk, inner ones inserted on disk; filaments free; anthers bilocular, usually introrse, rarely extrorse, longitudinally dehiscent; disk flattened or concave, margin shallowly or deeply fid; rudimentary ovary very small or absent. Female flowers solitary, axillary, sometimes on older branches; sepals as in male; petals absent; disk annular; ovary 1- or 2(or 3)-loculed; ovules 2 per locule; style short, stigmatiform; stigmas 1 or 2(or 3), usually dilated, peltate or reniform. Fruit a drupe, subglobose or ovoid, 1- or 2(or 3)-celled, seeds 1 per locule; exocarp leathery or nearly so; mesocarp fleshy or woody; endocarp woody, papery, or crustaceous. Seeds without caruncle; endosperm fleshy; cotyledons larger and flattened.

About 200 species: tropical and subtropical Africa, America, and Asia; 12 species (two endemic) in China.

The timber from several species is valued.

Key to fruiting material

1 Ovary and drupe 1-locular   (2)
+ Ovary and drupe 2(or 3)-locular   (6)
2 (1) Fruits glabrous   (3)
+ Fruits pubescent   (4)
3 (2) Branchlets and petioles puberulent when young; lateral veins 6-8 pairs; stipules linear, persistent; stamens ca. 25; fruits 1.8-2.5 cm.   1 D. perreticulata
+ Branchlets and petioles glabrous when young; lateral veins 9-13 pairs; stipules small, caducous; stamens 12-15; fruits 1-2 cm.   2 D. hoaensis
4 (2) Leaf blade acuminate at apex, margin sparsely obtuse-serrate, lateral veins prominent.   3 D. arcuatinervia
+ Leaf blade shortly acuminate at apex, margin entire or sometimes obscurely obtuse-serrate at upper part, lateral veins obscure   (5)
5 (4) Trees; branchlets and petioles pubescent when young; fruits angular and rugose.   4 D. obtusa
+ Shrubs; branchlets and petioles glabrous; fruits rounded and smooth.   5 D. integrifolia
6 (1) Leaf margins serrate   (7)
+ Leaf margins entire   (8)
7 (6) Branchlets and petioles pubescent; pedicels 2-4 mm; stamens 13-15; fruits globose, glabrous.   6 D. congestiflora
+ Branchlets and petioles glabrous; pedicels 13-18 mm; stamens 10; fruits oblong or ellipsoid, pubescent.   7 D. cumingii
8 (6) Fruits ellipsoid-ovoid; leaf blade slightly falcate.   8 D. littoralis
+ Fruits globose or subglobose; leaf blade not falcate   (9)
9 (8) Leaf apex obtuse   (10)
+ Leaf apex caudate-acuminate or acuminate   (11)
10 (9) Fruiting pedicels stout, ca. 0.5 cm; leaf blade with 8-10 pairs of lateral veins; fruits 2-2.5 cm in diam..   9 D. hainanensis
+ Fruiting pedicels slender, 1.5-2 cm; leaf blade with 4 or 5 pairs of lateral veins; fruits ca. 1 cm in diam..   10 D. longistipitata
11 (9) Female pedicels to 2 cm, 2.5-4 cm in fruit; leaf blade elliptic-oblong to lanceolate; stamens 4-8.   11 D. indica
+ Female pedicels 0.2-0.4 cm in fruit; leaf blade linear-oblong; stamens 12.   12 D. salicifolia

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