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46. Loxostigma C. B. Clarke in A. & C. de Candolle, Monogr. Phan. 5: 59. 1883.

紫花苣苔属 zi hua ju tai shu

Herbs, perennial, epiphytic, epipetric, or terrestrial, rhizomatous. Stems simple or branched. Leaves few, spread along stem, rarely crowded near apex, opposite, unequal or subequal, rarely equal in a pair; leaf blade glabrous to pubescent or strigose, base cuneate to subcordate. Inflorescences lax, often dichotomously branched, axillary, 1- to many-flowered cymes; bracts 2, opposite. Calyx actinomorphic, 5-sect from base or near base; segments equal. Corolla white, yellowish, purple, or pinkish, often spotted within, zygomorphic, inside glabrous to subglabrous; tube broadly tubular, gibbous abaxially, 2-4 X longer than limb, 1-2 cm in diam.; limb 2-lipped; adaxial lip 2-lobed; at least slightly shorter than abaxial lip; abaxial lip 3-lobed, lobes equal or central lobe longer, apex rounded to obtuse. Stamens 4, adnate to corolla tube near base or near middle, included; anthers basifixed, coherent in pairs at apex, thecae subparallel, confluent or not at apex, dehiscing longitudinally; connective not projecting; staminode 1 or absent, adnate to adaxial side of corolla tube. Disc ringlike. Ovary oblong to linear, 1-loculed; placentas 2, parietal, projecting inward, 2-cleft. Stigmas 2, equal, oblong to suborbicular, undivided. Capsule straight in relation to pedicel, narrowly oblong to linear, much longer than calyx, dehiscing loculicidally to base; valves 2, straight, not twisted. Seeds (when known) with 1 hairlike appendage at each end.

Seven species: Bhutan, China, India, Myanmar, Nepal, Sikkim, N Vietnam; all seven species in China.

1 Leaf blade drying papery or thick papery; bract margin entire.   (2)
+ Leaf blade drying herbaceous; bract margin entire to denticulate or serrate.   (4)
2 (1) Leaf blade drying thick papery, villous to hirsute, margin serrate; peduncle to 7.5 cm, densely villous and glandular pubescent; calyx segments 7-9 mm, margin shallowly dentate   3 Loxostigma mekongense
+ Leaf blade drying papery, glabrous, except veins abaxially sparsely puberulent, margin entire to indistinctly denticulate or repand; peduncle 6-16 cm, sparsely puberulent; calyx segments 4.5-7 mm, margin entire.   (3)
3 (2) Leaf blade elliptic or nearly so; peduncle 6-13.5 cm; corolla white outside, purple inside, outside pubescent   4 Loxostigma glabrifolium
+ Leaf blade ovate to ovate-oblong; peduncle 14-16 cm; corolla purple, outside sparsely puberulent   5 Loxostigma brevipetiolatum
4 (1) Cymes branched 1-5 , 2-18-flowered; bracts broadly ovate to narrowly lanceolate, 3-10 X 1-8 mm, margin denticulate to repand or irregularly dentate; style glabrous.   (5)
+ Cymes unbranched to branched 3 , 1-7-flowered; bracts linear to ovate-lanceolate, 1-4 X 0.5-1.5 mm, margin entire or serrulate; style densely puberulent to pubescent or glandular pubescent.   (6)
5 (4) Corolla yellowish, purplish to brownish spotted inside, 3-4.2 cm; capsule 6.5-10 cm; bracts 3-6 X 1-2.5 mm   1 Loxostigma griffithii
+ Corolla white to lavender, purple spotted inside, 4.2-4.8 cm; capsule 5-6 cm; bracts 5-10 X 1.6-8 mm   6 Loxostigma fimbrisepalum
6 (4) Ovary glabrous; leaf blade 4.5-9.5 X 1.5-4 cm; bracts ovate-lanceolate, to 4 X 1.5 mm; bract and calyx margin serrulate; pedicel ca. 0.6 cm   7 Loxostigma musetorum
+ Ovary densely puberulent; leaf blade 2-16 X 1-7.5 cm; bracts linear, 1-2 X ca. 0.5 mm; bract and calyx margin entire; pedicel 0.8-1.7 cm   2 Loxostigma cavaleriei

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