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89. Spatholobus Hasskarl, Flora. 25(2, Beibl.): 52. 1842.

密花豆属 mi hua dou shu

Authors: Dezhao Chen, Prof. Dianxiang Zhang & Mats Thulin

Woody climbing shrubs. Leaves pinnately 3-foliolate; stipules small, caducous; stipels persistent or deciduous. Panicles axillary or terminal. Flowers small and numerous, usually few clustered at nodes of rachis or branches; bracts and bracteoles small. Calyx campanulate or terete, usually with short teeth, 2-lipped; upper 2 teeth connate into entire or emarginate upper lip, lower lip with 3 teeth; teeth ovate, triangular, or lanceolate. Corolla exserted; petals all clawed; standard ovate or suborbicular, shorter than wings, base not appendaged, apex emarginate or lobed; wings oblong, obovate-oblong, or subspatulate, base sometimes auriculate, apex obtuse or rounded; keel shorter or longer than wings, nearly straight, base sometimes auriculate, apex obtuse. Stamens diadelphous; vexillary stamen free; anthers elliptic or suborbicular, equal in size or 5 larger and 5 smaller. Ovary shortly stipitate or sessile, 2-ovuled; style slightly incurved, glabrous or hairy; stigma small, terminal, capitate. Legumes sessile or stipitate, falcate or oblong, compressed, reticulate, densely puberulent or velutinous, thicker at top and 1-seeded, dehiscent only at seed bearing apex when mature, lower part indehiscent. Seed flat.

About 30 species: tropical Asia; ten species (seven endemic) in China.

1 Anthers unequal in size, 5 larger and 5 smaller   (2)
+ Anthers equal or nearly equal in size   (5)
2 (1) Terminal and lateral leaflets equal in shape or nearly so, apex rounded or subtruncate, with short awn, lateral veins straight   (3)
+ Terminal and lateral leaflets unequal in shape, apex rounded and mucronate, lateral veins slightly curved or arched   (4)
3 (2) Leaflets obovate, base broadly cuneate or obtuse; wings subspatulate, like keel auriculate on one side.   7 S. varians
+ Leaflets narrowly obovate or oblanceolate, base narrowly cuneate; wings oblong, base biauriculate; keel with an obtuse auricle.   8 S. biauritus
4 (2) Rachis of panicles elongated, longer than branches; wings oblong, base obliquely truncate on both sides, with small rounded auricle on one side; keel base truncate and without auricle on lower side, upper side with small, rounded auricle at base; leaflets ca. 27 × 13.5 cm.   9 S. gengmaensis
+ Rachis of panicles not elongated, shorter than branches; wings obovate-oblong, like keel with long obtuse auricle on one side at base; leaflets 11-15 × 5-7.5 cm.   10 S. uniauritus
5 (1) Terminal and lateral leaflets equal in shape or nearly so, lateral ones symmetric or nearly so; corolla purplish red   (6)
+ Terminal and lateral leaflets conspicuously unequal in shape, lateral ones asymmetric; corolla white, red, or purple before flowering, becoming white in full bloom   (7)
6 (5) Leaflets 5-9.5 × 2-4 cm, sparsely puberulent abaxially; petiolules strigose; wings obovate-oblong, base with an acute auricle on one side; keel shorter than wings, falcate-oblong, base truncate, without auricle.   1 S. sinensis
+ Leaflets 7.5-13 × 3-6 cm, glabrous on both surfaces or ± puberulent abaxially; petiolules glabrous or slightly puberulent; wings and keel oblong, subequal in length, base with rounded auricles on both sides.   2 S. harmandii
7 (5) Calyx teeth rounded or slightly obtuse at apex, to 1 mm, 2-3 × shorter than calyx tube; leaflets often with tufts of hairs in axils of veins abaxially.   3 S. suberectus
+ Calyx teeth acute or long acuminate at apex, 2-2.7 mm, as long as or slightly shorter than calyx tube; leaflets not with tufts of hairs abaxially   (8)
8 (7) Calyx teeth lanceolate, as long as calyx tube; corolla white; standard 2-lobed at apex.   6 S. pulcher
+ Calyx teeth triangular, slightly shorter than calyx tube; corolla red or purple before flowering, becoming pinkish white or white in full bloom; standard emarginate at apex   (9)
9 (8) Lateral veins of leaflets usually not branched, tertiary veinlets often transverse; corolla red before flowering, becoming pinkish white or white in full bloom; standard ovate-triangular; keel shorter than standard and wings.   4 S. parviflorus
+ Lateral veins of leaflets usually branched, tertiary veinlets forming a network; corolla purple before flowering, becoming white in full bloom; standard suborbicular; keel longer than standard and wings or as long as wings.   5 S. discolor

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