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绣线菊亚科 xiu xian ju ya ke

Shrubs, rarely herbs. Leaves alternate, simple, rarely compound; stipules absent or present; leaf blade entire or serrate at margin. Carpels 1–5(–12), free or basally connate, each with 2 to several pendulous, anatropous ovules. Fruit a follicle dehiscing along suture(s), rarely a capsule. x = 8, 9.

About 22 genera and 260 species: widespread in N hemisphere, but mostly absent from arctic regions, extending to S hemisphere in Indonesia (Java and Sumatra) and South America; eight genera and 99 species (67 endemic) in China.

1 Flowers more than 2 cm in diam.; leaves simple; fruit a capsule; seeds winged.   8 Exochorda
+ Flowers less than 2 cm in diam.; leaves simple or pinnate; fruit a follicle; seeds not winged.   (2)
2 (1) Carpels 1 or 2; leaves simple; stipules present, caducous.   (3)
+ Carpels (1–)5; leaves simple or pinnate; stipules present or absent.   (4)
3 (2) Inflorescences racemose or paniculate; hypanthium campanulate to cylindric; follicles usually more than 2-seeded.   6 Neillia
+ Inflorescences corymbose or paniculate; hypanthium cupular; follicles 1- or 2-seeded.   7 Stephanandra
4 (2) Leaves pinnate or 3-foliolate.   (5)
+ Leaves simple.   (6)
5 (4) Herbs perennial; leaves 1–3-pinnate; stipules absent; carpels 3 or 4(–8), free.   3 Aruncus
+ Shrubs; leaves pinnate; stipules present; carpels 5, connate at base.   4 Sorbaria
6 (4) Stipules present; follicles inflated, dehiscing along both sutures.   5 Physocarpus
+ Stipules absent; follicles not inflated, usually dehiscing along adaxial suture.   (7)
7 (6) Leaf blade usually serrate or lobed at margin, rarely entire; inflorescences umbellate, umbellate-racemose, corymbose, or paniculate; carpels free.   1 Spiraea
+ Leaf blade entire at margin; inflorescence a spikelike panicle; carpels connate at base.   2 Sibiraea

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