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4. Erigeron sect. Trimorpha (Cassini) Candolle, Prodr. 5: 290. 1836.

三型花飞蓬组 san xing hua fei peng zu

Trimorpha Cassini, Bull. Sci. Soc. Philom. Paris 1817: 137. 1817.

Herbs, annual, biennial, or perennial, taprooted or fibrous-rooted; caudex simple. Stems usually branched. Leaves basal and cauline, oblanceolate or oblong to lanceolate or linear-lanceolate, base not clasping, margin entire or sparsely serrate. Capitula erect in bud, few or numerous, in corymbiform or broadly racemiform synflorescences. Ray florets 3-5-seriate, in 2 zones, outer 1-3 lamina filiform, white to pink or purplish, erect, not coiling or reflexed, inner 2 elaminate. Achenes 2-2.4 mm, 2-veined. Pappus of 12-35 bristles, accrescent.

About 30 species: Asia, C and N Europe, North America; six species (one endemic) in China.

1 Ray floret lamina equaling or slightly longer than disk florets; phyllaries shorter than disk; biennial or perennial herbs.   31 E. acris
+ Ray floret lamina longer than disk florets, rarely only slightly so; phyllaries shorter than or almost equaling disk; perennial herbs   (2)
2 (1) Ray florets blue.   34 E. tianschanicus
+ Ray florets pink or lilac   (3)
3 (2) Stems and phyllaries stipitate glandular and hirsute-villous; leaves lanceolate to oblanceolate   (4)
+ Stems strigillose or strigose, or glabrate at base, phyllaries villous or strigillose, sometimes sparsely short-stipitate glandular; leaves linear-lanceolate or linear   (5)
4 (3) Stems densely stipitate glandular at least below capitula and sparsely hirsute-villous; ray florets pink.   32 E. krylovii
+ Stems sparsely stipitate glandular and densely villous, lower part almost entirely densely villous; ray florets pink or lilac.   33 E. pseudoseravschanicus
5 (3) Stems reddish; leaf blade linear-lanceolate to linear, margin entire; phyllaries reddish or rarely green, villous, inner shorter than disk florets.   35 E. schmalhausenii
+ Stems green; leaf blade linear, margin serrate or subentire; phyllaries green or reddish at apex, strigillose, inner slightly longer than or almost equaling disk florets.   36 E. fukuyamae

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