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Chinese Plant Names | Family List | Sapotaceae | Sinosideroxylon

Sinosideroxylon wightianum (Hook. et Arn.) Aubr.


Description from Flora of China

Sideroxylon wightianum Hooker & Arnott, Bot. Beechey Voy. 196. 1837; Sideroxylon wightianum var. balansae Lecomte; Mastichodendron wightianum (Hooker & Arnott) P. Royen.

Trees, rarely shrubs, (2--)4--8(--15) m tall. Branchlets and leaves rust colored tomentose when young, glabrescent. Petiole 0.7--1.5(--2) cm; leaf blade elliptic, lanceolate, or oblanceolate, (5--)7--10(--17) X (1.5--)2.5--3.7(--9.5) cm, leathery, base narrowly cuneate, apex acute to obtuse, lateral veins 12--17 pairs. Flowers solitary or 2--5 in axillary clusters, greenish white, aromatic. Pedicels 4--10 mm, pale yellow tomentose. Sepals 5, ovate to lanceolate, 2--2.5(--4) X 1.5--2.5 mm, inside glabrous, outside pale yellow tomentose. Corolla 4--5 mm, lobes lanceolate to ovate. Staminodes lanceolate to subtriangular, petal-like, 2.5--3 mm. Ovary ovoid, ca. 2 mm, 5-locular, base rust colored hirsute. Style 2--4 mm, glabrous. Fruit green becoming dark purple, ellipsoid, 1--1.5(--1.8) X 0.5--0.8 cm, glabrous. Seed 1, ellipsoid, compressed; scar basal to lateral-basal. Fl. May-Jun, fr. Aug-Oct.

Thickets and forests on limestone hill; 500--1500 m. Guangdong, Guangxi, S Guizhou, SE Yunnan [N Vietnam].


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