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Moss China | Family List | Moss China V. 1 | Ditrichaceae

3. Distichium Bruch & Schimp. in B. S. G., Bryol. Eur. 2: 153 (fasc. 29–30, Mon. 1). 1846.


Plants small to large, slender, flattened, green or yellowish green, in dense tufts. Stems erect, often simple, rarely branched, tomentose below; central strand present. Leaves distichous, erect-appressed to erect-spreading, abruptly narrowed from a strongly clasping, oblong-ovate to ovate sheathing base to a short or long, setaceous or subulate acumen, shoulder distinct; margins plane, crenulate above; costa single, stout to rather broad, filling nearly the entire subula; upper (shoulder) cells irregularly quadrate or hexagonal, rather thick-walled, obscure, smooth; basal cells short-rectangular to linear, pellucid, thin-walled. Autoicous or dioicous. Perichaetial leaves similar to the upper stem leaves, but slightly larger. Setae straight, elongate; capsules oblong-ovoid to cylindric, erect, symmetric or inclined and asymmetric, faintly plicate when dry; stomata present; opercula shortly conic-rostrate; annuli differentiated; peristome teeth 16, shortly lanceolate, irregularly divided or perforated, often obliquely striolate or sometimes papillose at the base. Calyptrae cucullate, smooth, entire. Spores spherical, densely papillose.

1 Leaf acumina long, 1-3 times as long as the sheathing base   (2)
+ Leaf acumina short, as long as or shorter than the sheathing base   (3)
2 (1) Plants larger, often 2-8 cm high; capsules erect, cylindric, symmetric; spores 13-24 µm in diameter   3 Distichium capillaceum
+ Plants smaller, often 1-2 cm high; capsules inclined, ovoid to oblong-ovoid, asymmetric; spores 39-47 µm in diameter   5 Distichium inclinatum
3 (1) Basal leaf cells nearly quadrate; leaf acumina about 1/3 as long as the sheathing base   2 Distichium bryoxiphioidium
+ Basal leaf cells rectangular; leaf acumina about 1/2 or as long as the sheathing base   (4)
4 (3) Plants larger, (1-)1.5-2.5 cm high; basal cells linear-rectangular, 26-50 µm long; setae often longer than 3 mm, to 10 mm long   1 Distichium brevisetum
+ Plants smaller, 0.5-1.0 cm high; basal cells short-rectangular, less than 25 µm long; setae about 3-4 mm long   4 Distichium hagenii

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