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Ditrichaceae Limpr. in Rabenh., Laubm. Eur. 1: 482. 1887.


Cao Tong and Si He

Plants mostly minute to small, or at times to medium-sized, gregarious or in loose tufts, sometimes densely caespitose. Stems erect, simple or branched; central strand present or poorly developed or absent. Leaves usually lanceolate, acuminate or subulate, sometimes sheathing at base, seldom distichous; margins plane, reflexed or revolute, entire or serrulate; costa single, narrow, subpercurrent to long-excurrent; cells subquadrate or short-rectangular to linear, mostly smooth or occasionally mammillose; alar cells not differentiated. Sporophytes terminal; setae usually elongate, straight, sometimes very short; capsules often long-exserted, at times immersed to emergent, subglobose to cylindric, erect to inclined or curved, asymmetric; opercula often differentiated, conic or long-rostrate, sometimes absent; annuli mostly differentiated; stomata absent or present; peristome none or present with 16 teeth, divided in terete division or perforated nearly to the base, without vertical pitted-striolation or with oblique striolation. Calyptrae cucullate, rarely mitrate. Spores small, spherical, minutely papillose.

1 Plants strongly flattened; leaves distichous or 3-ranked   (2)
+ Plants rounded; leaves neither distichous nor 3-ranked   (3)
2 (1) Peristome teeth present; leaves with a distinct sheathing base   3 Distichium
+ Peristome teeth absent; leaves without a sheathing base   11 Tristichium
3 (1) Upper leaf cells quadrate or nearly so; capsules furrowed when dry   (4)
+ Upper leaf cells rectangular; capsules smooth when dry   (5)
4 (3) Leaf margins reflexed or revolute, always unistratose; capsules deeply furrowed, strumose at base; plants yellowish green   2 Ceratodon
+ Leaf margins plane, sometimes bistratose above; capsules not deeply furrowed and not strumose at base; plants yellowish green with bluish sheen   9 Saelania
5 (3) Setae very short; capsules immersed or emergent   (6)
+ Setae elongate; capsules exserted   (9)
6 (5) Opercula not differentiated   7 Pleuridium
+ Opercula differentiated   (7)
7 (6) Peristome teeth present; leaves lanceolate   6 Garckea
+ Peristome teeth absent; leaves oval or ovate   (8)
8 (7) Leafy stems julaceous, glossy; leaf apices rounded or obtuse; calyptrae cucullate   1 Astomiopsis
+ Leafy stems not julaceous and lusterless; leaf apices broadly acute or apiculate; calyptrae mitrate   8 Pringleella
9 (5) Leaves distinctly sheathing at base, spreading and crispate when dry   10 Trichodon
+ Leaves not particularly sheathing at base, appressed and erect when dry   (10)
10 (9) Peristome teeth absent   4 Ditrichopsis
+ Peristome teeth present, normal   5 Ditrichum

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