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Moss China | Family List | Moss China V. 1 | Dicranaceae

20. Leucoloma Brid., Bryol. Univ. 2: 218. 1827.


Plants slender, soft, pale green or yellowish green, shiny, in compact or loose tufts. Stems reddish brown, blackish when dry, erect, usually branched, with very few rhizoids; central strand absent. Leaves erect-spreading, ascending or appressed, falcate-secund or crispate, tapered to a very long subulate acumen from an ovate-lanceolate base; margins entire except at the apex, sometimes faintly serrulate, distinctly bordered by linear, non-papillose, pellucid, thick-walled cells, the borders wider near leaf base; costa narrow, percurrent to excurrent in a long setaceous point, smooth at back except at the very tips; cells small, obscure, subquadrate to rectangular, thick-walled, multipapillose; alar cells differentiated, not extending near costa, quadrate to rectangular, hyaline or reddish brown, thick-walled. Dioicous. Male plants slightly smaller than the females. Setae erect, elongate; capsules erect, shortly cylindric, symmetric, attenuate at base; opercula long-rostrate; annuli in 2 rows; peristome teeth linear-lanceolate, divided halfway down or lower, smooth. Calyptrae cucullate, entire at base. Spores papillose.

Two species of Leucoloma are treated in this study. Reports of L. mitteni Fleisch. from Hainan (Redfearn et al. 1994), L. perviride Broth. from Guangxi province (Y. Jia 1992) and Hainan (P.-J. Lin et al. 1992, 1994), and L. walkeri Broth. from Hainan (Tan et al. 1987; P.-J. Lin et al. 1994) could not be confirmed.

1 Plants up to 6 cm high; leaves widely spreading, not crispate when dry, lower leaves often deciduous; marginal borders wider in the middle, 10-20 rows of linear cells; median leaf cells smaller, 5-7 µm x 3-4 µm, with small papillae, the papillose cells ending far above the leaf base   1 Leucoloma molle
+ Plants up to only 2 cm high; leaves appressed, sometimes crispate when dry, lower leaves usually persistent; marginal borders narrower, 4-5 rows of linear cells; median leaf cells larger, 12-18 µm x 8-10 µm, with larger papillae, the papillose cells ending near the leaf base   2 Leucoloma okamurae

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